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The Broughton News is produced every month on behalf of St Mary's Church.

In addition to service times and church reports, the Broughton News keeps the village informed on up and coming events, local news and has many other useful articles.

It also carries adverts for local businesses and trades.

The Broughton News is now available through this website along with past copies.


How to Submit Articles


You are welcome to submit your articles on forthcoming events, village club or school news or anything that you think Broughton residents would find interesting. There is no charge for this.

How to Submit an Advert


Adverts may be displayed in the Broughton News in a range of sizes and are charged for accordingly.

Details of advert sizes and their cost can be downloaded by clicking here.

For both Articles and Adverts, send these to:


Copy Deadlines


Copy dates are advertised on the front page of the Broughton News for the following month and may vary slightly depending on the time of year. Generally speaking the copy date will be around the 17th of each month.

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