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A Year in the Life of Broughton (c.1993)

Filmed by a village resident (Steve Banas) over a full year in Broughton.

See how many familiar faces you recognise from 27 years ago!

Village Voices - Broughton (2001)

TV programme about the village of Broughton in Hampshire broadcast in 2001.

See how many familiar faces you recognise from 19 years ago!

Jock McClory Tournament (2003)

This video follows Broughton's Under 9's Football team (light blue strip) as they battle in this tournament against Upper Clatford, Vernham Dean and Barton Stacey to make it to the final against Castledown.

In the end it all came down to penalties, but did Broughton win the trophy?

Can you spot the now grown-ups (and older grown-ups) from 17 years ago!

Broughton Primary School Fete (2005)

The story of Broughton Primary School's annual fete in 2005 told in slides set to music.

See how many familiar faces you recognise from 15 years ago!

Broughton Quiz (2013)

Another Hitler parody to join the many circulating on the internet; this one based on the annual quiz night held in Broughton in Hampshire in 2013.


It was shown at the beginning of the evening to persuade those participating in the quiz not to use their mobile phones to look up answers!

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