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We have our own oil buying scheme in the village. It's quite a simple principle. The more you buy the less it costs. So by collecting together a number of orders, BOBS will get you a better deal.

What do you do to buy oil at the moment? Maybe you are on a contract, thinking it gets you a better deal. Perhaps you phone round a bunch of oil companies to find out what price you can get, when you are probably not even sure what the current price should be?

A couple of examples

Dec 18 – a person on a contract advises that they are paying 71.80ppl on that day we were paying 48.00ppl.


May 20 – a person phones around to see what price they can get. They are offered 39.90ppl on that day we got 18.00ppl.

Interested in Joining and Ordering?


01794 301295 - Andrew Illingworth

All are welcome including people from local villages. The more members, the better the prices. So by joining you are helping someone else get a better price for their oil.

One final word! Please always order your oil, well before it runs out, not after!



How often does BOBS place orders?

It’s pretty much a constant process - 24/7/365 !

What do you need to do to order oil?

Just send an email saying how much you want (or if you do not have email access, call 301295).

Are there any charges?

Yes annual subs, which is a voluntary contribution, with a guideline of a minimum of £5.


Perhaps you use

Our prices are always equal or better 99% of the time.

Do you Google “Oil buying group Broughton”?

You will come up with ‘’ That is not us, whenever we have compared, our prices are better.

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