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The Village Bus is an important lifeline for many in Broughton that's been running now for over a quarter of a century.


Fares are set at a level to reflect annual operating costs.  However, since it is not feasible to generate the large sums needed to pay for a replacement vehicle every six years or so we are reliant on generous grants from Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) and Hampshire County Council.


TVBC has a generous Free Fare Pass scheme, which is valid on our bus.


Bus Schedules Summary



Monthly (4th Wednesday of each month)



Twice weekly (Thursday mornings and Friday afternoons)



Weekly (Tuesday mornings only)



Monthly (1st Wednesday's of each month)



Monthly (2nd Wednesday of each month)

Monthly Excursions


Monthly full-day excursions operate during the Spring, Summer and Autumn.  See this years excursions here.


On most trips, the bus is full reflecting their popularity.


For up to date information on the bus service:

The Broughton and Mottisfont Village Bus has been in operation for more than 30 years, providing a useful service to local villagers.


It takes about 30 people to keep it operating, from the cheerful ladies who organise the driving rotas or take bookings for the summer excursions to the Treasurer who counts the pennies and keeps us honest.


The largest category of volunteer is that of the drivers, of whom there are 20 plus. We are very well served by these drivers but inevitably there is a need for periodic refreshment of the list. Some move away from the area and some (surprisingly) grow old and want to spend more time with their families.


Would you be interested in volunteering as a driver? The commitment is not onerous. A driver might be asked to do one of our routes (Romsey, Salisbury, Southampton, Winchester or Andover) on about 10 occasions a year. No special licence is required; we operate on the normal car licence enhanced by a short session of refresher (known as MiDAS) and familiarisation with the bus.


If you are interested and know one of the present drivers ask them to confirm what I have said, and please let your name come forward, through them or directly to me, Andrew Illingworth on 301295.

Drivers always needed!


01794 234794

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