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Ordinary Collections


TVBC operates a twice weekly rotational scheme; 'household' waste (grey bins) one week and 'recycled' waste (brown bins) the next and so on.


To find out when your next collections are, visit the TVBC website here and key in your postcode.


Garden Waste Collections


The annual charge is:

£37 for the initial subscription

£21 for each additional subscription. More details here.

Bulky Household Waste Collection Service


This can be arranged through TVBC for a small surcharge. More details here.


For full information on TVBC collection and recycling schemes and facilities please visit their website here

Waste Recycling Centres


Broughton -  Bottle Bank


Located at the rear of the Village Hall.


In order to keep noise disturbance to a minimum, the Parish Council has requested that the bottle bank is not used on a Sunday.


Please do not to leave bottles by the side of the bin if it is full.


Nearest Local Recycling Centres

Scott Close, Walworth Industrial Estate, Andover, SP10 5NU


01264 353438

Casbrook, Bunny Lane, Timsbury, SO51 0PG


01794 367346

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